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When you send your files, please provide us with as many mix notes as possible regarding production, mixing effects and reference links to songs you'd like the mix to emulate. We require Stereo or Mono WAV or AIFF files (44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96KHz). These should be bounced from bar one and all be the same length and the same sample rate.

We ask that you please supply multi-track files dry, without reverb or effects etc.

Only keep on plugins that are crucial to sound shaping, special effects or creative elements like filter sweeps, delays etc...


No audio clipping! You may need to turn off any effects on your master stereo bus too.

MIXING + MASTERING - Up to 120 tracks

  • Our online mixing package includes 2 revisions. For example, minor tweaks to the balance and effects used within the mix.

  • 10 Days

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