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Mastering and ReMastering is performed within our state of the art mastering studio, utilising all analogue hardware and digital plugins. This professional mastering service will make your music sound great on any speakers and headphones. Recommended mastering option for all artists wanting to achieve outstanding results on any digital platforms


When you send your file, please provide us with reference links to songs you'd like the master to emulate. We require Stereo WAV or AIFF files (44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96KHz). 


Make sure the mix down is not clipping. Try to give us a little headroom to work with. Remove any master bus plugins if you're working in the box. Take off any limiters, compressors, eq's, and stereo width processor plugins.


You will receive 2 versions: 


-14dbLUFS (Spotify, YouTube, Deezer etc...)

-10dbLUFS (Radio, CD etc...)



  • Our online mastering package includes 2 revisions. 

  • 5 working days

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